Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar opposes Sanjeev Bhatt’s SIT probe plea

New Delhi, Sept. 23; Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar on Wednesday appeared for the Gujarat government and opposed sacked police officer Sanjeev Bhatt’s plea for a SIT probe in his case.

“The accused Bhatt has got no right to choose the manner of probe and the investigating agency,” Kumar told judges while arguing the case before the Supreme Court.

Kumar added that the sacked Gujarat police officer tried to pressurise SIT and took advantage of his media connections.

Bhatt has demanded a probe into his ‘victimisation’ for speaking up about the ‘complicity’ of the political establishment in the 2002 Gujarat riots and alleged fake encounters.

Bhatt also accused the police machinery of displaying bias and claimed that the state had destroyed all intelligence reports compiled during that period. These included log books on deployment of officers and vehicles.