Solace lies in teachings of Hazrat Ali

Hyderabad: The teachings of Hazrat Ali, his way of governance and dispensation of justice will remain the milestones for the entire world.

These thoughts were expressed at a seminar held at Salarjung Museum yesterday. It was organized by Khaja Banda Nawaz University, Gulbarga and Vilayat Foundation, New Delhi on “Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib”.

Mr. Mehdi Mehdipur, representative of Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran while addressing the seminar told that those who are resorting to terrorism have no association with Islam.

Hazrat Ali knew that he would be assassinated but he told his successors not to take revenge from the assassin.

Dr. Syed Taqi Abedi (Canada) was the Chief Guest. Maulana Khusro Husaini (Chancellor of Banda Nawaz University) delivered the keynote address. Maulana Akbar Nizamuddin presided over the session. Maulana Nisar Husain Haider Agah and Dr. Hameeduddin Sharfee addressed the gathering.

Prof. Aleem Ashraf (MANUU) presided over the third session. Dr. Mustafa Shareef and Prof. Fatima Parveen addressed the audience. Mr. Meer Kamaluddin Ali Khan, Registrar of Khaja Banda Nawaz University thanked the guests and audience.

Agah Mohammed Haq in his address told that in the writings of the Lebanese author, George, it has been written that what all virtues exist in this world are indebted to Hazrat Ali. The clauses of the Charter of Human Rights of UNO consists of quotations of Hazrat Ali which he had sent to Governor of Egypt.

Consul General of Iran at Hyderabad, Agah Mohammed Haq told that even the opponents of Hazrat Ali applause the good character of Hazrat Ali.

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