Sohrabuddin encounter case: Justice Loya had given draft verdict copy to me, claims Lawyer Uke

Nagpur: In yet another claim related to Sohrabiuddin encounter case, Lawyer Satish Uke said that Justice Loya had given a draft verdict copy to him.

According to the report published in TOI, he claimed that an unknown person had provided this copy to CBI Judge Brijgopal Harikishan Loya for signature. Attempts were made to get Justice Loya’s signature despite the fact that the draft was not written by him, Uke alleged.

Mr. Uke filled the affidavit in High Court claiming that pressure was exerted on Justice Loya to sign the draft. He also assured that he would submit the copy if case is registered.

He alleged that Justice Loya died due to poisoning. He further claimed that there is a threat to his life too.

Supporting his arguments, he claimed that Justice Loya had asked a lawyer and a former judge to pass on the draft verdict copy to him. Later, both were found dead.

Attacking ruling party in the center, Mr. Uke claimed that a responsible person of the party had made attempt to acquire papers from him.