Soha, Kunal Kapoor unite for animal welfare

Mumbai: Actors Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kapoor have joined hands to raise funds for animal welfare as a part of ‘Be Kind to All Kind campaign.

Animal Planet and DODO, a digital platform dedicated to animals, will premiere a new series “Dodo Heroes” — which will feature inspiring stories of animals in need around the world, and humans who go to lengths to give them hope.

In India, Animal Planet is launching a campaign ‘Be Kind to All Kind’ in its endeavour to raise support for select NGOS dedicated to the welfare of stray animals. The channel has roped in the celebrities to create awareness about this issue, read a statement to IANS.

“The situation of stray animals in India is a matter of concern, and we will all have to come together to help these lovely beings. I have personally met many people who would like to support stray animals but can’t because they don’t know how to. The campaign ‘Be Kind to All Kind’ aims to reach out to people, and provide access so that they can support the cause they believe in,” Soha said.

Kunal also feels “it is our responsibility to stand up for all living beings especially animals”.

“We can’t just look the other way when the situation demands help… in fact we need to take a decisive action…I hope more and more people joins hands contribute to this genuine cause, and help make India a better place to live for all animals.”

“Dodo Heroes” will premiere on June 15 in over 220 countries including India.