Software professionals form union for techies in TN

Mumbai: A Hundred of IT professionals have made the first union in TN to safeguard the rights of the software professionals in India’s information technology sector. They have signed up as the primary members of the tech union.

The union came into existence when Cognizant sacked several employees following which, employees complained and demonstrated about the act.

The union will protect rights of IT employees by subjecting the companies to labour laws. A report says that Tamil Nadu alone has about 4.5 lakh employees in the IT sector, as per Deccan Chronicle.

Employees are fearful of joining the union as they think that their company will look at them as a trouble maker, as per the reports. Infosys has over 17,000 employees in Chennai, Wipro has 25,000, and TCS, India’s largest software exporter, has 60,000 employees in 13 centres in the state.

However, Tamil Nadu’s neighbouring state Karnataka has not allowed trade unions for IT professionals and software companies. In India, the manufacturing sector has seen powerful trade unions flourish across the country.

Visa restriction has severely hit India’s $150 billion outsourcing industry. The IT industry is already been suffering from the H1-B visa and layoffs.