Social media has made people much more relatable: Emma Watson

Los angeles: “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson says social media is helping common people become more relatable.

The 27-year-old actress says social networking websites such as Facebook and Instagram have allowed everyday people to experience some fame in their own right, reported Femalefirst.

“I feel like it’s becoming so much more relatable because it’s not like fame is something that only celebrities are experiencing anymore.

“To a certain degree, everyone who uses social media or has a social media platform or whatever else is broadcasting themselves, marketing themselves, sharing intimate details of their lives (the way A-listers do),” Watson says.

Just like celebrities, the actress says, common people are also receiving likes on their posts and photos.

“And they’re receiving comments, they’re receiving likes, dislikes. They’re experiencing exactly what I’m experiencing, of course to lesser and greater degrees.

“The way that the world is moving, like my experiences I don’t feel like are unique so much anymore in a really interesting way.