Social activist Kancha Ilaiah hails Supreme Court verdict on his book

Hyderabad: Prof Kancha Ilaiah, whose book on Vysya community has raked up a controversy, thanked the Indian Judiciary for upholding the Right to Freedom of Expression unequivocally.

Reacting to the Supreme Court’s verdict dismissing the PIL filed by Veera Anjaneyulu, an Arya-Vysya Advocate before the Supreme Court seeking a ban on his book entitled “Samajika Smuggleru-Komatollu”, Ilaiah said the Apex Court said the right to write books within the framework of the Constitutional Fundamental Rights cannot be banned.

He said that even the title of this book could not be questioned as that also comes under the Right to Freedom of Expression. This verdict of the apex court of India has reaffirmed that research could be done with confidence on any caste or community without fear.

“This has reaffirmed my faith in the Indian Judiciary, Constitution and Democracy. I thank all the social forces, political parties, organizations, media that stood by me and also for the right to freedom of expression”, he added. (NSS)