It`s `snowing` in Bengaluru…but not the kind you are thinking

Bengaluru: Yes, you read that right. After the pre-monsoon showers that relieved the IT city, Bengalureans are now facing trouble due to a one-of-its-own-kind of snowfall.

It’s not the usual snowfall which delights people and cools the environment, but the toxic and chemical kinds which have created chaos on the city’s Whitefield Main Road.

The showers in the city have led to foaming of the Varthur lake once again, this time bringing the foam right on to the roads, troubling people in commuting.

Commuters faced trouble while managing traffic on Saturday and Sunday as the foamy goop billowed on the road from the lake.

Adding to the woes is the unbearable stink coming from the froth.

The pictures and videos of the pathetic state have been posted by the locals on social media, with many criticising the civic bodies for the utter disorder.

However, this is not the first time that this has happened. It is a recurrent problem which is only increasing with every passing day.

Last year in April, the same had happened with the froth spouting from the Varthur Lake onto the roads, causing a traffic jam.

The Bellandur Lake in the city made headlines recently, for catching fire on May 7.

As an aftermath, thick smog surrounded the heavily-polluted lake, making it difficult for the passers-by to breathe.