Sneakers and Food? Why not?

New Delhi [India]: Fast-Food and Fashion? While it might seem to be an unlikely association, history stands witness to numerous examples of fast-food giants teaming up with their fashion counterparts, combining their respective appealing powers, which have, occasionally, given us the perfect ‘best of both worlds’ products.

Many of the better food-fashion collaborations have ended in sneakers. Come on! Imagine a snicker-sneaker or a doughnut-sneaker! Shoe mongers like Nike and Saucony have proved in recent times that designing sneakers based on the latest and hottest food trends can not only be a visual delight, but also a marketing hit.

Here’s a rundown of Footwear News’ four greatest partnerships between food chains and sneaker manufacturers within the last year.

1. Saucony and Dunkin’ Donuts

With the Boston Marathon fast approaching, scheduled to be held on April 16, the popular coffee and doughnut house’s has joined forces with Saucony to create a limited edition design that looks like sprinkles falling off a strawberry doughnut. Available for both men and women, expect to see the coffeehouse’s tagline ‘America runs on Dunkin’ becoming a reality.

2. The Shoe Surgeon and Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut took innovative designing to a whole new level with the ‘Pie Tops II’, a sneaker that will take over the pizza ordering for you. In 2017, the company collaborated with Dominic Chambrone, a.k.a. The Shoe Surgeon, to come up with the first-ever basketball shoes that could order a pizza by pressing a button on its tongue. Just 50 pairs went up for sale, available in a red and wheat colour combo. The shoe includes a feature to pause live TV via a button on the other shoe.

3. Nike and Momofuku

Nike’s skateboarding team, last year, collaborated with Momofuku’s star chef, David Chang, who is well known for his affinity for the athletic giant, on the Nike SB Dunk High Pro “Momofuku”. Released in limited quantities last summer, the high top sneaker features a dark grey tone, resembling the colour of the aprons worn by the Momofuku staff, with the restaurant’s signature peach logo.

4. Ewing Athletics and Mikey Likes It Ice Cream

NBA legend Patrick Ewing’s sneaker brand, Ewing Athletics, in cahoots with the ice cream company came up with the Ewing Athletics x Mikey Likes It Ice Cream 33 Hi in August, last year. Featuring Mikey’s signature royal blue hue, the shoe also had a metal touch to it, a hint to the stainless steel ice cream scoopers used by the store. It also features a translucent outsole, which, according to Ewing Athletics were designed to convey Mikey’s “social consciousness defined by keeping all communication between them and others as transparent as glass.” (ANI)