Snapdeal launches curated health store

Snapdeal launches curated health store

New Delhi: On the occasion of World Health Day, Snapdeal has launched a curated health”store to take care of shoppers’ holistic health” needs.

The store features a wide range of products covering everything you might possibly like to buy for a health” life.

Besides the regular fitness items like treadmills, gym accessories, and fitness trackers, it also has active wear, sports shoes, sippers, and headbands. There is also a complete range of health”management and tracking items including BP monitors, weighing scales, diabetic care, and orthopaedic mattress.

The special health” and wellness section includes Nutritional Supplements, Health foods, massagers, diffusers, detox patches, eye care patches, essentials oils, stress balls, foam rollers and hygiene products.

The health”tore has a special collection covering the following:

•Stay Fit with fitness equipment and accessories in bright colours and international styles. Shoppers can search for fitness equipment by seniority levels and customer ratings to suit individual needs.

•Wear Fit to maximize your motivation and comfort with a lively selection of active wear, sports shoes, sippers and headbands.

•Health Management and Tracking with economically priced BP monitors, weighing scales, health” and respiratory aids on Snapdeal. The store also has diabetes test stripes, orthopaedic mattresses and shoes.

•Nutrition and Wellness section serves to provide a holistic approach to a health” lifestyle. It has energy drinks, green teas and coffees, nutritional supplements, health” foods, vitamins and minerals, nuts and seeds and aloe vera juices. It also features massagers, diffusers, detox patches, eye care patches, essentials oils, stress balls, foam rollers and hygiene products.

Snapdeal Health Store is aimed at creating awareness about building a community that is health” in body, mind and spirit.

Highlights of the sale –

•Discount on fitness equipment, fitness accessories, supplements, instant energy drinks, health” drinks, healthfood and more

•Fitness equipment – dumbbell rods, indoor cycle exercise bike, six pack care equipment, starting from Rs. 1549

•Deodorants, protein powder and other supplements available at a discount of up to 70 percent

•Up to 40 percent off on instant energy drinks

•Yoga and Exercise mat under Rs. 540

•Fitness trackers available under Rs. 449

•Up to 80 percent off on aloe vera juice, health” drinks

•Sale on gym bags, wristbands, ankle support, activewear

oUp to 65 percent off on head bands, gym bags and other gym accessories

oAnkle, knee, palm and elbows support available at discounts of up to 80 percent

oCombo of badminton rackets and shuttles at starting prices of Rs. 299

oRunning shoes, track pants, fitness t-shirts and activewear starting from Rs. 199

ICICI, HDFC, and Standard Chartered Bank users get an additional 10% discount. (ANI)