Smith calls on Australia to adapt to swing conditions in NZ

Wellington : Australia captain Steve Smith has called on his side to go against their batting instincts, insisting that they must adapt to the swing conditions in order to outperform New Zealand in next month’s ODI and Test series.

“It’s very difficult to do. When you grow up in Australia you can play out in front a little bit more, and in those conditions you’ve got to play under your eyes so your nicks don’t carry and you’re not getting out in front,” Smith was quoted as saying by

“It’s hard to train [for]. You sort of have to get away from everything that you learn growing up and try for a new technique, in a way. Hopefully the guys can do that and adapt, to all the conditions around the world,” the 26-year-old, who will lead his side in a three-match ODI series before two Tests, added.

Last year, Australia underperformed in their failed Ashes campaign against England on account of their vulnerability to swing conditions.

Australia will also secure the top Test ranking if they are able to win the two-match series. (ANI)