Smelly bomb fails test, which meant to scatter Kashmir protesters

New Delhi: The sewage smell containing bomb was unable to impress CRPF in a test for scattering the Kashmiri protesters. The reason found was, Indians have a high threshold of tolerating sewage kind smells.

Israeli security forces have been using the bomb on Palestinian protesters through water cannons since 2008, but it didn’t meet the standards of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).

“It is called Skunk and is in liquid form. It can be mixed with water for spraying on mobs,” a senior CRPF official told on condition of anonymity. “The CRPF decided to test a few samples of the Israeli product a few months back. Tests were conducted and the stink bomb was found ineffective.” The tests were carried out in Delhi, reports HT.

The official said the liquid used in the bomb is harmless. “Those who can ignore smell can drink the liquid also,” said the official who has seen a report of the test. The bomb’s smell takes days to fade even after showers.

“We used it on a captive crowd… consisting of CRPF personnel and the general public. But they managed to tolerate the smell without much difficulty. Maybe Indians have a higher threshold of tolerating stench,” said another official who was part of the team which tested the bomb.

CRPF is searching for nonlethal methods to control mobs in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere in the country.

Security forces had earlier used pellet guns in Kashmir which had blinded people permanently. The government then decided to look for alternative measures to control protesters, like using shells made of an organic compound found in natural chilli and deflectors fitted on pellet guns to avoid injuries to the upper body.