Why Smartphones without removable batteries? Know the details

New Delhi: The race of smartphones will be increased in India as demand arises for the users. The upcoming or new smartphones will be available without removable batteries for its design and requirement.

As Apple rarely apologizes when it disorder up. But when it does, it’s usually followed by even more fervor and upset users. Apple reveals why its finally admitted it did a poor job communicating to its customers about how and why it slowed down iPhones with older batteries.

As they announced solution and while most people will forgive the company and accept its two forthcoming solutions (a $29 battery replacement for applicable iPhones and a future software update that’ll better explain your device’s battery health), there’s an equal amount of people who are now slamming the company for not doing even more for its users, like designing iPhones with removable batteries.

According to article published in Mashable, It was a jarring design choice at the time because just about all phones came with removable batteries, but it ultimately proved to be the right one.

While many Android phones touted removable batteries as a feature that distinguished them from the iPhone, you need only look around at the current Android landscape to see how that turned out.

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Can you name a single flagship Android phone with a removable battery? I can’t, and I review these things for a living. (To be fair, there are still phones that have removable batteries, but they’re usually budget ones or come from no-name brands.)

Samsung ditched removable batteries in its two flagship devices — the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note — in 2014. And LG, one of the last companies to give up on them, held out until 2016 with the G5.

Whenever you make a decision not to do something, you’re simultaneously making the decision to allow room for something else. Perhaps, something that couldn’t have been done because of the tradeoffs that prioritized one thing over another.

In the case of phones with removable batteries, phone makers made the deliberate decision to go with sealed batteries for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of them:

1. More premium design

2. Water-resistance

3. More room for other stuff

4. Weird-shaped batteries

So wish all you want. But it’s not going to happen. The future of phones will be even more integrated with even more custom parts and more sealed than they are now.