“Smartphone numbness”: Another health issue in Hyderabad – Here’re the details

Hyderabad: Number of people in Hyderabad are facing “Smartphone numbness”, another health issue due to excessive use of mobile phones.

According to the report published in TOI, Smartphone users are complaining of new health issue in which their soft tissue of thumb and forefinger are getting damaged. They are also complaining of reduced skin sensitivity.

Although “texting thumb” is still a major health issue, damage to the ventral or palmar portion of thumb is a new challenge, TOI reported.

According to the doctors of the city, continuous rubbing or sliding of fingers across the screen of the mobile phone may result in finger’s skin hardening. Such users may also face burning sensation and numbness.

As this is the new health issue, there are no official statistics. However, according to doctors, each weak, around 6 patients complaint of “Smartphone numbness”.

Talking about this issue, Consultant Dermatologist at Apollo Hospital, Dr. G Manmohan said that skin can become thick due to repeated rubbing of the palmar surface of thumbs on the screen of Smartphone. Another reason for thickness and numbness of skin is due to radiation, vibration and heat of the phone, he added.

Senior General Physician, Dr. P. Ramachandra Murthy said that when people use the Smartphone judiciously, their skin regenerate. However, if used continuously, skin can be damaged permanently.

As per doctors, severe damage to the fingerprints can impact biometric authentication.

It may be mentioned that recently, fingerprint-based biometric authentication has gained much popularity. In such a scenario, damage to fingerprints can create hurdles.