Smartphone Apps for learning 11 foreign languages

Hyderabad: Smartphone Apps, Boso helps users learn 11 languages which include English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese. Its special feature is that while learning any of these languages one can talk to mother tongue speakers of these languages.

This application claims that it has 40 million people in its community which whom one can talk and learn any of these languages. The lessons contain in Boso applications are based on European Framework of Reference. It ensures reading, writing and speaking practice. This application is not complicated. It is meant for beginners’ level to expert level. It contains hundreds of topics, words and paragraphs. It is available in service web version and for Android and IOS users. Its advantage is that we can teach our children many languages of the world sitting at home. For further details, please contact on facebook at “eehtesham” and at twitter on “ehtesham245”.

–Siasat News