Smart ways to modernise your contemporary wear

New delhi: Many Indian designers are exploring the depths of contemporary apparel for inspiration and creating their own style to make it perfect for millennial. From experimenting with fabrics and prints to adding some jewellery can do the trick and modernise your Indian traditional look, says an expert.

Ishita Sanghal Gupta, Founder of, shared tips on how one can modernise their contemporary wear.
* Contemporary wear can always be updated with the latest fashion trends and fads depending on personal style and taste.

* The latest fashion trends like Athleisure have often been incorporated with contemporary pieces to create a unique look whether looking at street style or fashion weeks.

* Jewellery is a definite way of changing the purview of any contemporary clothing, one can choose from a variety of hair accessories, statement earrings or neckpieces, hand jewelry like cuffs, bracelets, watches, hand harnesses and definitely rings.

* To update contemporary wear and mould it into a modernized version of your personal style, one can hugely depend on accessorising with bags, belts, cover-ups or scarves. One can also try jewellery to glam up your contemporary look.

* As seen as street style, experimenting with colour and materials can also support in making a style statement. You can give your outfit a bold and dramatic effect by colour blocking using bold and risqué colors that one can carry off well.

* A different perspective to give a modernized vibe to your contemporary outfit can be by giving the finishing touches from makeup and hair. As of the current times, the nudes and plums, as well as dramatically eye-popping bold colours have hit off as popular shades looking at the face palette.

The hairstyling area speaks more of intricate hairstyles that have come into the picture leaving the simple ones in the past. From a number of braiding styles to beachy waves, all lend a helping hand to give the ultimate finishing touch to a chic and modern contemporary outfit.