Small town people find happiness in small things: Shraddha Kapoor

Mumbai: Actress Shraddha Kapoor, who visited the Madhya Pradesh town of Chanderi while filming for the movie “Stree”, says the vibe of the place was heart-warming as she felt that people in small towns don’t run after materialistic things.

The film “Stree” revolves around a female ghost who exists in Chanderi town. To maintain the authenticity of the story, director Amar Kaushik took the cast and crew there.

On the experience, Shraddha told IANS: “I was so excited to go there in Chanderi, especially the fort area where I shot the film. Chanderi is a small town and the vibe of the place is so easy. Living in Mumbai, we are always running after deadlines and our life revolves around work.”

“People there (in Chanderi) are really simple and not in hurry. They really have a life after work. Maybe people of small town are not so wealthy, neither do they have the high materialistic desire, but I think they really know how to find happiness from small things that we urban people do not even notice,” she added with a smile.

In Chanderi, which is known for its saris, Shraddha went on a shopping spree.

“After our shooting got over, I went out for shopping and bought so many chanderi saris for my family members. I do not wear a lot of saris, but I bought some for myself as well. We all know how famous Chanderi saris are, and they are really beautiful,” she said.

“Stree” also features Rajkummar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi. It is releasing on August 31.