Slumdog was unstoppable: Anil

Mumbai, February 25:We are on top of the world! When we stood on the podium, having bagged the Best Motion Picture Award, no one in the audience seemed disappointed.

It was as if they all knew that Slumdog Millionaire would have a clean sweep at the Oscars, which, let me reassert, is the most unpredictable of all awards. From my side, I never had sleepless nights before the ceremony. I was rather composed. Irrfan, Dev, Freida and I told each other that we needed to enjoy every moment of it. The Oscars don’t happen to everyone everyday.

While we were at the awards, we were anxious about how many awards we would win. But after the first two, it was like a never-ending series. SM was unstoppable. Rahman was holding the two awards as if they were his babies. He showed his aggressive side while performing the two numbers. It was really awe-inspiring.

Right now, we are in a celebratory mood. We’ve already been to three parties and are attending the fourth one at the hotel. We have all the Hollywood greats joining us. We’ll be rocking till six in the morning. Life is one big party at the moment.”