Slogans like “Jai Meem Jai Bheem” made UP the graveyard of secularism: Postmortem of UP elections

Hyderabad: The catchy sentences and hatred phrases have been intoxicating the minds of the people these days. In UP elections, the hatred spread in the name of birth place of Rama and the slogans like “We five and our 25”, “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas”, “Jai Meem Jai Bheem” were responsible for the success of BJP in UP elections. BJP contested UP elections on its basic agenda. It did not give any ticket to Muslims. It promoted its allies to contest elections. All these factors made possible to divide Muslim votes.

Right from the beginning, the political pandits have been targeting MIM as the secret ally of BJP. Repeatedly it was said that MIM candidates won’t win elections but their presence would divide Muslim votes thereby helping BJP to consolidate their vote bank.

Reviewing the election results of UP, the local Journalists opined that the tours of Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi did help consolidating majority votes. Although, MIM had floated 36 Muslim candidates but the way in which campaigning was organized, it was visible that the era of dividing votes is over. The politics of India has gone astray from sensitive issues like Kashmir. It has now entered the arena of the topics like “Shamshan” and “Khabristan”. It was believed that BJP would cause its ally to win elections in UP also as it did in Maharashtra.

UP election has given a message directly to the Muslims that their vote has no value. After the General Elections of 2014, MIM President, Mr. Owaisi had congratulated Mr. Modi for crushing the confidence of the Muslims that they have voting power.

The political leaders of UP told that it was not true that there was no hatred earlier but the presence of MIM has added fuel to it. It has contributed to the success of BJP.

–Siasat News