Slim chances of ‘Qurrah’ for Hajj-2017

Hyderabad: Chances for Qurrah (drawing of lot for selection of pilgrims) seem slim for Hajj 2017 in open category. It is likely to be held only if Telangana is allotted special quota by the central government.

It must be noted that 20715 applications were submitted from across Telangana for Hajj 2017. 725 applications were submitted under Category A – reserved for septuagenarian aspirants while 2365 applications were submitted under Category B reserved for aspirants who had applied for Hajj seats thrice but were not able to get through reserved category. On the fourth time as per the Hajj Committee of India guidelines, they are mandatory to be selected for pilgrimage. The aggregate of these two categories is 3090. 17625 applications were submitted under General category. Thus most of the quota allotted will be exhausted by Category A and B.

Keeping in view the current situation Telangana government has begun efforts to seek additional quota from the centre. Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali sent a letter to Minister of State for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and requested to allot atleast 5000 additional seats this year. Deputy Chief Minister and higher officials of Minority Welfare are said to be planning to visit New Delhi for representation.

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