Ankit Saxena’s parents to give Iftar party

New Delhi: Giving a slap on the face of communal elements and hate mongers, parents of Ankit Saxena is going to organise Iftar for Muslims observing fast. Ankit Saxena was murdered on February 1, by his girlfriend’s family as he belonged to a different community. The incident would have triggered large-scale riots, but the victim’s father had called in for peace and had requested that the death should not be communalised.

Now Ankit Saxena’s father Yashpal, with the help of his neighbours is arranging Iftar. Yashpal Saxena said he wants to give the message of love and brotherhood. He wants to give the message to those who spread hate politics that love is greater than power.

The decision to arrange Iftar party after losing his only son is being lauded from all quarters. The Iftar party will be arranged on Sunday, June 3, where the Ankit Saxena was murdered.

Speaking to media persons Yashpal said I want to do something that my son would be remembered always. He has also decided to create a Trust in Ankit’s name.