Slack’s new feature will let users schedule messages

Washington: Business communication platform Slack has announced a new message scheduling feature that will allow users to send a message at a scheduled time. The update will soon roll out to desktop and mobile devices.

As per Mashable, to get started on desktop, you’ll simply create a new message or open an existing conversation then type your message.

Subsequently, you’ll click the arrow icon to the proper of the paper plane icon then select a pre-filled date and time at which you want your message to be sent. Alternatively, you’ll choose a custom schedule to send it.

On mobile, you’ll just tap and hold the paper plane icon after composing a message. Once that’s done, you’ll choose a preset or custom date and time.

Users can also edit, reschedule, or delete scheduled messages before they’re sent. Scheduled messages are often found at the top part of your left sidebar on desktop or at the highest section within the home tab on mobile.

It’s worth noting that you can schedule messages only up to 120 days beforehand and not beyond that.

Apart from Slack, email services at the workplace like Outlook and Telegram offer the flexibility to schedule messages to send later so you will not need to ping your colleagues during the wee hours.