Skincare mistakes to avoid during winter

New Delhi: One of the biggest misconceptions about winter is that the cold weather is what’s drying out your skin, but indoor heating and an increase in mercury levels because of the cold are actually the reasons why your skin may lose moisture during the winter months, says an expert.

Experts from the cosmetics brand L’OrĂ©al Paris skincare have listed the common mistakes we make and the subsequent solutions we can follow to enjoy a healthy skincare routine:

* Mistake: Sticking to your summer skin care regimen – The change in temperature and air pressure requires a change in your cleansing routine. If you’re using a gel cleanser, you may want to switch to something more moisturising.

Solution: Try using a mild cleanser, and make sure you don’t over wash the skin. A creamy foam face wash will nourish skin and gently exfoliate dead, dry skin.

* Mistake: Leaving your home without a layer of sunscreen.

Solution: Make sure you use sunscreen anytime you’re outside. The sun’s harmful rays are just as strong and damaging despite what your thermometer says – particularly the UVA rays which are responsible for aging skin.

* Mistake: Showering with scalding hot water. Hot water might help wake you up in the morning, but it could be harmful for your skin, especially during the winter months. Extra hot water strips away the skin’s natural oils, leaving it dehydrated. That, in turn, can cause your skin to dry quickly, so it’s left craving moisture.

Solution: Try taking showers with warm water, lasting no longer than 10 minutes, and use a hydrating cream right after a shower to lock the moisture in.

* Mistake: Lathering petroleum jelly or chapstick on your cracked skin and lips – This may seem like the quickest relief for dryness, but gels can actually dry out the skin even more.

Solution: A creamy moisturiser on dry skin will help defend better than your jar of petroleum jelly.

* Mistake: Drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages in excess – Anti-histamines in these drinks can dehydrate your skin.

Solution: Try cutting back on your intake of coffee and similar beverages. Drink decaf tea or coffee instead. Also, limit the amount of heat in your apartment, which can dry out your precious skin.