Is your skin festive ready?

New Delhi: In festive times, most people tend to laden up the skin with numerous varieties of cosmetics to look good. However, they end up making the condition even worse as even the best of cosmetics do no good when the skin condition from the inside is completely troubled. So, this Diwali, be smart and prepare your skin in advance.

Priyanka Goyat from Rejove Clinique and Sandeep Babbar, Revyve share few tips and solutions to ensure the perfect skin radiance all through the festive season:

* Get ready to maintain a distance from fireworks: Most fireworks have high magnesium and cordite content causing heavy smoke emissions in the environment so take some extra precautions like staying at least six to seven feet from the burning firecrackers. Other than that, one can also cover up the face with a scarf or dupatta to keep the risks of burning face with sparks and pellets at bay.

It’s good to clean out the face thoroughly with mild soap and water and treat the skin with moisturizer after firework session to ensure that no harmful pollutant seeps deep into the layers of skin and do harm.

* Make CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing) a part of your daily routine: Festive season, especially during Diwali it is the time when makeup is applied on the skin the most. To ensure the best of makeup effect, it’s necessary to make the skin healthy and makeup-friendly first. For this, one needs to religiously follow the mantra of cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) at least once in a day.

* Munch-in the healthy nutrients:The sudden change in atmospheric condition due to increased fireworks and dipping atmospheric humidity can further deteriorate the condition of the skin. Make it a point to regularly fuel up the body with juicy fruits, green leafy vegetables and plenty of water. Proper workout or yoga routines are also necessary to clean out the toxins and impurities from the body. Try to keep the consumption of sweet and oily things under control as in a few days it starts reflecting on the face in the form of dull, weary skin; pimples; puffiness around eyes; wrinkles and weight gain.

* Scrub the impurities out: Before one starts with applying the makeup, it’s necessary to prep the skin with deep cleaning and exfoliation. Either buy a scrub as according to your skin-type or consult a dermatologist to refer the same and use it as and when prescribed.

* Post-fest care and treatments: When wiping off the makeup once the festivities are over, it’s advised to be extra careful and not to be lazy and careless with the process. Because it’s not just the makeup that is there on the face, instead there are layers of impurities and dust from the heavily polluted environment also.

After removing the makeup properly with the wipes, then go with the regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. Don’t forget to apply the night cream on the parts exposed