Sizing down travel expenses: Here’re some money-saving travel tricks

New Delhi [India]:While planning a vacation, the biggest dampener that affects and restricts every itinerary is the expenditure to be incurred while making your way to the dream destination.

While there was a time when family excursions were frequent and not much of a financial hassle, the amount of money even a short trip requires today is enough to put the household budget in disarray. Fortunately, however, the internet has sprung up as a personal finance manager by providing a vast bouquet of options related to ticketing, transportation and accommodation booking.

One can now easily compare one’s connectivity options and with a few smart tricks zero in on the most convenient and cost-effective way of reaching their holiday spot of choice.

Bharatt Kumaar Malik, founder and CEO at has highlighted a few ways in which a traveler can trim down travel expenses without compromising on the fun element:

– The correct tools to book transportation options-Whether it is a vacation that is being planned for a long time or a surprise getaway, it would do the prospective travelers a world of good to research the internet well. From flight prices to train and bus tickets, almost everything is listed on the internet. By following a smart scanning process, including multiple people to do the checks and enlisting priorities such as finding a hotel in a particular area, time of travel or kind of food, people can find the optimum combinations that best suit their pockets and preferences.

– Book low-cost flights on budget carriers-There are a plethora of new airlines and budget carriers that are offering great prices, cashbacks and discounts. They also provide a lot of in-flight services, apart from providing flights from numerous cities across India.

– Travel by train and bus-India has one of the largest last-minute connectivity networks in the world, yet it is not enough to cover places which are geographically hard to access. Even then, they are the best bets to get travelers nearest to their destination. They are economical, frequent and through various interactions and friendships made over a journey of a few hours, provide a unique glimpse to the vast cultural, social and intellectual treasure trove that is India. Today, there are some highly user-friendly platforms on the web that offer the best last mile connectivity choices at the click of a button to those planning their travel within the country.

– Car rentals-Internet car rental listings are a great way to secure vehicles at best prices if you are travelling with family or need to cover long distances. Even for government affiliated vehicles, the internet is a great source to know about the different charges and tolls to prevent the driver from fleecing you. Furthermore, booking a driver from a renowned or a tried and tested source with enough positive reviews gives you a lot of confidence and peace of mind, two things thoroughly required to enjoy a trip in an unseen land. (ANI)