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Sixth class student dies after enacting fire stunt

Sixth class student dies after enacting fire stunt

Hyderabad: A 6th class student Rapelle Kali Vishwanath died enacting a fire stunt after watching a reality show.

The eleven-yr-old Vishwanath, studious student, studied in boarding school and came to spend the holiday with his grandmother.

The boy watched a reality show late at night where one of the performers performed fire stunt, three days ago.

The boy curious by nature had the habit of enacting the stunts after watching it on TV.

To enact the stunt the boy poured kerosene in his mouth and lit a fire, intending to blow out fire flames but the stunt did not go well and the boy ended up burning himself.

He was rushed to a private hospital, later shifted to Hyderabad for emergency treatment. The boy breathed his last breath in the morning.

Similarly, another 6th class student enacted the same stunt in Karimnagar four months ago.