Sixteen engineering colleges in Telangana apply for closure

Hyderabad: Sixteen engineering colleges in Telangana State opted for provisional or complete closure. After the closure, the number of seats in the state is likely to get reduced by 3800.

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTUH) registrar Manzoor Hussain said most of these colleges are located in districts and have received very less admission in the last few years.

Drop in admissions in engineering colleges in Telangana

Management of these colleges said that running the establishments have become difficult due to a drop in admissions. It is alleged that delay in getting the amounts of fee reimbursement scheme is also one of the reasons for their decision.

They are exploring various options including converting campus into hostels or paying guest facilities or renting out the buildings etc.

Some of them have even sold the campuses to generate revenue.

Conditional affiliation

Meanwhile, in the current academic year, JNTU has decided to issue a conditional affiliation without conducting a physical inspection. This decision was taken amid coronavirus pandemic.

However, physical inspection will be conducted once the normalcy prevails.