Six-year-old girl sets new record in skating

Coimbatore: K Darshini, a six-year-old student hailing from Coimbatore, has set a new record in a Quarter Skating Marathon event held on Sunday.

Darshini had developed a craze for skating when she was in LKG, and today she has set a new record in skating in the under-seven category.

“It’s a new record category. In the event, one has to finish a distance of 10.5 km in 45 minute. This record will be entered in India Book of Records and Asia Book of Record. Darshini had qualified for the under-seven category. She skated 10.5 km in just 41.3 seconds. She has set a new national benchmark,” Managing Editor of India Book of Records Manmohan Rawat told the media here.

“The two conditions were the claimant has to be less than seven years of age on the date of performance. Secondly, she has to skate non-stop for the given distance. She fulfilled both the criteria. This record is entered in Indian Book of Record and also in Asia Book of Record,” he added.