Six cups of coffee daily can boost mental performance

Washington: Good news caffeine lovers! A study has revealed that four cups of coffee or eight cups of tea, which is equivalent to 400mg of caffeine, has no lasting damage on the body.

The study also shows that caffeine boosts both mental and physical performance.

According to researchers, caffeine, found in tea, coffee and fizzy drinks is safe – even for pregnant women and young children.

It found that sticking to the recommended daily amount of 400mg – the equivalent four cups of coffee or eight cups of tea – has no lasting damage on the body.Dr Carrie Ruxton, who has previously advised the NHS and European Food Safety Authority, was behind the myth-busting review.

The people who cut out tea and coffee may miss out on the potential health benefits of the compounds they contain, explained the researchers.

Tea is the best way to get your hit of caffeine as it has half the amount of coffee and is packed with a variety of health-boosting polyphenols and antioxidants.

It displayed at least 15 different trials documented the benefits of caffeine has on the brain, including improving reaction times, accuracy in tests and alertness.

Such studies also hinted that it influences the release of dopamine, which is thought to enhance mood and prevent the blues.Another 29 randomised controlled trials that were assessed confirmed caffeine enhances sports performance.

European health officials stated that the adults should consume no more than 400mg of caffeine each day – the equivalent to four mugs of instant coffee.This amount can be found in eight cups of tea, or five cans of energy drink Red Bull.

A small bar of plain dark chocolate has up to 50mg of caffeine, while milk chocolate has around half that.The research appears in the journal Complete Nutrition.