“Situation kuch bhi ho, location wahi hogi” determined Sinha says

Lucknow: Will not change constituency no matter what situation is said a determined Shatrughan Sinha today.

Irrespective of his party’s decision, Sinha cleared that he shall contest again from Patna Sahib seat only, NDTV reports.

“Situation kuch bhi ho, location wahi hogi (Whatever the situation, location would be same),” Shatrughan Sinha told PTI today.

Sinha has often taken a stance at variance with the official party line, including on demonetisation and Goods and Services Tax while also shared the stage with opposition leaders at an anti-BJP rally in Kolkata in January.

In one of his recent meeting and visit’s to Lucknow, Sinha has also hinted on his wife Poonam Sinha joining politics.

When asked to confirm, Sinha replied he will neither confirm nor deny speculations on Poonam joining active Politics.

“Poonam Sinha has been busy with social work for long. She is liked by all. People want her to contest but whether this will happen or not only time will tell,” Sinha said.

Sinha has also visited the Samajwadi Party headquarters and joined Akhilesh Yadav on Jai Prakash Jayanti programme with Yashwant Sinha.