SITE stands by reports on ISIS link in B’desh attacks

Dhaka: The US-based SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks online activity of White supremacist and jihadi organisations, reiterated its claim of Islamist State of Iraq and Syria’s links behind Hossaini Dalan bomb blasts and killing of two foreign citizens in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Government has denied any ISIS link in these attacks and claimed responsibilities of local conspirators, including Bangladesh National Party chief Khaleda Zai behind the incidents.

SITE has stated that the government’s repeated efforts to deny ISIS hands in these attacks are misleading. It will be much better for the government to face the reality and focus on countering the extremist group, reported The Daily Star.

The Bangladesh Government, however, has turned its efforts toward a baseless campaign to discredit SITE and its Director, Rita Katz, it stated.

The organisation said the claim has been reiterated by numerous ISIS media channels, including Telegram Messenger and the group’s publically available al-Bayan reports.

It can also be read in a pro-ISIS Bengali blog, it stated. (ANI)