Sisodia’s Austria tour appeared under cloud of doubts: Tiwari

New Delhi: A day after Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia accused the Modi government of denying him permission to attend an educational event in Austria, the BJP hit back saying the tour was sponsored by a British agency and the entire tour appeared to be under clouds of doubts.

“Sisodia himself stated that it was not a government programme and it was sponsored by a British agency, that too in Austria. That is why the entire tour appeared to be under the clouds of doubts,” Delhi BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari said.

He said the AAP government should now look for “better excuses” than blaming the Prime Minister for everything. “All their previous excuses have been exposed,” he added.

“Modiji does not want me to spread my message of Delhi schools’ ‘khushi ki pathshaala’ initiative across the world. It has refused to grant me permission to visit Austria and speak on the ‘happiness curriculum’ launched here. This has forced me to cancel my plans,” Sisodia tweeted in Hindi.