Sisodia alleges encroachment of school land by BJP

New Delhi: Accusing the BJP of encroaching upon a school land for commercial use, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia on Saturday said the party is anti-education and does not want the citizens to be educated.

Speaking to the media, Sisodia said there was a school running in the Sarai Khalil area of the national capital and its building was demolished by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in 1976 with the promise of a new land. Now, the school is running from Eidgah in tents.

“A PIL was filed in the matter in the Delhi High Court for delay in land allocation to the school. The school management was not able to manage the money to construct the building even if the land was allotted to them. So, the Delhi government had asked for the land with a promise to construct the school.

“The DDA in the court promised that it will give 4,000 land to the Directorate of Education — a minimum area for school, according to Master Plan Delhi 2021. But now it has reduced the size of the land to 1,600,” he said.

He also said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders want to do away with the senior secondary classes.

“Since 1948, the school is running till Class 12. Now, they want to do away with Class 11 and 12. I will not let this happen,” he said.

He also alleged the BJP has constructed its headquarters near ITO on a school’s land.

“First they snatched a school’s land to build their headquarters and now they want to destroy the future of another school for commercial use of the land,” he added.