Sirazudin used Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram apps to spread ISIS propaganda: Police

New Delhi: The Special Operation Group (SOG) and ATS of Rajasthan Police had arrested Sirajuddin under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for his alleged involvement in the activities of ISIS by supplying official inputs and recruiting organisation members in the country.

Objectionable materials were also seized from the house of Sirajuddin, who used to contact youths through social media, according to Police.

According to a report published in TOI, The social networking accounts of Sirajuddin, which he used to spread propaganda of the terrorist group, were blocked a few times as a warning. However, the 30-year-old man ignored these warnings and continued to run them under a different name.

Police is going through nearly 1000 pages of transcripts of posts and messages posted by him on Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Family keeps mum

“We are not aware of anything” said the mother of a senior Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) official who has been arrested in Jaipur for his alleged links with ISIS.

Apparently shaken by the development, the mother refused to discuss anything and even did not reveal her name when reporters approached the family here for their reaction to the arrest of IOC Marketing Manager Mohd Sirajuddin at Jaipur yesterday.

The father of the arrested official Saramust Ahmed, a former state government official, and brother left for Jaipur today.

Police said they may also send a team to Jaipur to gather information.

According to information available here, the family of Sirajuddin has been residing here and he moved to Jaipur in April last year after working in Bengaluru.