SIO Conference: Justice Patil and others expose conspiracies of Sangh Parivar

Hyderabad: Atrocities on the Muslims are not a recent phenomenon. They were victimized in the past also. After the demolition of Babri Masjid and the bomb blast in Mumbai, a series of fabricated criminal cases were started against the Muslims. It is, therefore, the need of the hour for Dalit Hindus and the Muslims to get united against the fascist forces.

“Come into action or wait for the death sitting at home”. These were the thoughts expressed by Justice Kolse Patil, former Judge of Bombay High Court. He was addressing a meeting organized by Students’ Islamic Organization (SIO) at Exhibition Ground on 9th September. The gathering was addressed by the mother of Rohit Vemula, Ms. Radhika Vemula, the mother of missing Najeeb Ahmed of JNU, Ms. Fatima Nafees and others. Mr. Muzaffarullah Khan, Advocate, Mr. Yaseen Wahab and Mr. Amjadullah Khan Khalid also addressed the gathering.

Justice Patil told that he had read the letter written by Rohit Vemula in which Rohit had said that the root cause of the evils is the Sangh Parivar which has been responsible for the backwardness of the depressed classes. Those who find fault with the Mughals for their maladministration should know that they were at the helm of affairs in those days also. Those who boycotted the coronation ceremony of Shivaji were the same people. The incidents which took place in Gujarat Communal riots are not the accidents which took place suddenly. When the tribals of Gujarat were contacted, they told that the Sangh Parivar activists were brainwashing them for many years saying that the Muslims are the enemies of the tribals.

By throwing the left out food on the roads, they were misled that “see how the Muslims are throwing biryani on the roads whereas you are hungry”.

Justice Patil also told that the hands of the officials are also stained with blood. We should not forget Mr. Hemant Karkare who had exposed the conspiracy of the fascist forces.

Ajmal or other person did not assassinate Karkare. He was murdered by RSS in connivance with IB. Those whose hands are stained with blood are enjoying power but innocent people are behind the bars. Be it Rohit Vemula or Najeeb Ahmed’s case, we should understand that only 1% of the population writes the script.

Justice Patil told that he has also been receiving death threats. He said that instead of leading the life of a coward, he prefers to die as a brave man exposing the conspiracies of Sangh Parivar.

Revolutionary poet, Gaddar told that the need of the hour is to forge a unity of the Muslims and the depressed classes in order to fight the political and economic hegemony of the capitalists.

Ms. Fatima Nafees blamed the investigation agency that they failed to trace out the whereabouts of her son, Najeeb and ultimately they filed a petition in the High Court to close the case. She complained that no action has been taken against those who had harassed Najeeb.

Ms. Radhika Vemula told that her son was a brilliant research scholar but he fell victim to the communal forces. She said that Rohit picked up a quarrel with another student by name Shusheel. Later, Ms. Smriti Irani, the then HRD Minister, Mr. Dattatreya and BJP MLC forced the university administration to take action against Rohit. She said that even non-Muslims admit that Islam has preached equality.

JNU Student Leader, Mr. Omer Khalid, TS President of SIO, Mr. Laeeq Ahmed Khan, Mr. D. Bhaskar (NSUI), Mr. Nageshwar Rao (PDSU) also addressed the gathering.

Addressing the meeting, Mr. Omer Khalid told that Telangana State is the torch bearer of revolution. He further told that Mr. Modi had shown the dreams of bullet train but he is ruling with bullets. He also mentioned that Guari Lankesh, Pansare, Dhabolkar and Kulbargi are the persons who were killed through bullets.

He mentioned that on 13th August, they wanted to kill him but failed. Mr. Khalid told that the motive of fascist forces is to suppress any voice for justice. The legacy of Modi and his disciples is to prefer the slavery of the British but our motto is to salute Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Asfaqullah Khan, Kumaram Bheem and others.

In the third session of the meeting Mr. Abdul Basith Anwar, Maulana Hamid Mohammed Khan, Mr. Azharuddin, Mr. Naseeruddin, Dr. MKM Zafar and others addressed the gathering.

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