SIO Colloquium: Prof. Anand condemns attempts to make India “Hindu State”

Hyderabad: Students Islamic Organization of Telangana conducted a colloquium on Saturday at Media Plus Auditorium, Gun foundry on “Hindutva and Politics of New India”. Prof. Debasesh Anand, Head of Dept. of Politics and International Relations of University of Westminster, London and Dr. Hasan Raza, former Professor of Ranchi University participated in the colloquium.

Prof. Anand told that he visited the University of Dhaka in 2004 to find out the facts of the imaginary conspiracy of Hindutva forces to spread hatred. He was very much surprised that the kind of hatred which was being spread with a reference to Dhaka University has nothing to do with reality. He further told that Hindutva forces are spreading hatred campaign “Imaginary Moghalistan” declaring minorities as the enemies of Hindus which is a false allegation. He also mentioned that the tendency of worshiping the rising Sun has gained importance in the country which is dangerous for the Indian politics. If a Muslim boy marries a Hindu girl, the entire Muslim community cannot be blamed. He stressed the need to foil the evil attempts of Hindutva forces.

Prof. Hasan Raza applauded the efforts of SIO for organizing open discussions on the challenges the community is facing. He also told that the fascist traditions are harmful to the country.

–Siasat News