A single Sonia call will bring back party to power in State: VH

Hyderabad: Senior Congress leader V. Hanumantha Rao on Sunday said a mere call by their leader Sonia Gandhi to the people of the State to ensure the victory of grand alliance partners would be enough for them to come back to power after the Assembly elections. He made these remarks while addressing media persons in the city.

Speaking on the occasion, Rao said that he would campaign for the party candidates in Oligonda, Yadagirigutta, Vemulawada and Siricilla Assembly segments in the elections. Commenting on the discontent party leaders, who were denied tickets in the state, Rao said that all those leaders would be rewarded with MLC and MPs posts after the formation of the party’s government in the state. He said that the leaders of the high command were already meeting with all the dissident leaders and convincing them to leave their discontent behind and work for the victory of the party candidates.

Commenting on the allegations of state minister KTR that the Congress party had sold off its tickets for money, Rao rebutted the statement by wondering as to what KTR did with Nampally seat which was actually allotted to TRS leader Anand Goud earlier. “ Instead of bothering about our party, he should first answer the fate of his own leader Anand Goud who was made the party candidate from Nampally assembly seat. Goud’s name was removed from the list suddenly and replaced by somebody else. Why,” he questioned KTR. Rao said that the people of the state would never forget the third degree methods used by minister KTR against his own constituency people in Siricilla. He asked KTR to be prepared to quit politics after the upcoming elections.