Singh is King: Cop Gagandeep hailed for saving Muslim youth from bhawga mob

NEW DELHI: A Sikh Sub-Inspector is garnering respect and affection on social media for saving a Muslim man from allegedly being mob lynched in Uttarakhand.

A video of the cop, Gagandeep Singh is doing the rounds on social media, with people hailing his bravery. While some of the people on Twitter applauded Singh’s act and his commitment towards his work, many called him ‘real hero.’

In the video, Singh was seen surrounded by the crowd, who were attacking the Muslim man, who was found with a Hindu girl at a temple in Uttarakhand’s Ramnagar.

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Notably, the youth went to Garjia Devi temple to meet his girlfriend, a Hindu, during the holy Ramadan, the month during which Muslims not only abstain from food, drink but also from carrying out bad deeds and restraint oneself from indulgence in sensual pleasures from sunrise until sunset.