Singer arrested after wives complain of injustices

Hyderabad: There has been an uproar against the atrocities meted out to the Muslim women. Political leaders and social activists have been creating confusion over the rights of the Muslim women.

A case of injustice has come to limelight wherein a singer Apoori Somanna who claims to be a social activist was found to do injustice to his two wives.

Both the wives of the singer exposed him on social media through a conference as a result of which Trimulgherry Police handcuffed him and registered a case against him.

His wives, Apoori Swaroopa and Apoori Sri Latha complained that they have two children and their husband gives only Rs. 5000 for their maintenance. They also reported that he neglects his children. He seldom visits their house. Whenever they raise the issue of his illegal sexual contacts, he threatens to commit suicide. One of the wives told that when she got the information that Somanna is staying with another woman in Musheerabad, she went and found the details.

When she approached Musheerabad Police Station, the Sub-Inspector of Police advised her to approach Trimulgherry Police Station since they reside there. After this, the case was referred to Trimulgherry Police Station but no action was taken by the police. Both the wives contacted singer, Vimala Pushpa. On seeing her, he threatened to commit suicide in the police station itself. As a precautionary measure, police handcuffed him. Referring to the supporting statements of political leaders both of his wives requested the police not to patronize Somanna as he has spoiled their lives.

–Siasat News