Singapore bans smoking in reservoirs, parks

Singapore: Singapore will ban smoking in reservoirs and parks from June 1, a senior minister said on Tuesday.

The ban will affect 17 reservoirs and parks in public housing estates in Jurong town corporation, Xinhua quoted Environment and Water Resources Minister Amy Khor as saying.

The banned premises will also include neighbourhood parks within private housing estates.

The owners of these premises will have the option to set up designated smoking points.

The National Environment Agency said this was in line with the government’s ultimate goal of prohibiting smoking in all public areas.

“To protect non-smokers, we have progressively prohibited smoking in public places since the 1970s. The smoking prohibition was last extended in 2013, and today there are more than 32,000 premises and locations where smoking is prohibited,” said Khor.

For the first three months of implementation, a warning will be given to those caught smoking in the newly prohibited places. Repeat offenders can result in fines of up to 2,000 Singapore dollars ($1,480).