Simultaneous election right in theory but not possible now: Nitish Kumar

Patna: ‘One election, One nation’ is theoretically correct but viably impossible option, said Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday.

Replying to a question posed in this regard by a media person, Bihar Chief Minister said, “It is not possible in the upcoming election that Lok Sabha and all state assembly elections can be conducted together. Theoretically, it is fine”.

Nitish Kumar heads the Bhartiya Janta Party – Janta Dal (United) alliance in the state of Bihar. His comments come a day after BJP chief Amit Shah wrote a detailed letter to National Law Commission Chairman supporting simultaneous elections.

In his letter, the BJP president has said that simultaneous elections will bolster the democratic structure and there is a need of constructive debate in the country on the topic.

On Tuesday, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) OP Rawat said that holding general elections with assembly polls in all 29 states may not be possible without amending the Constitution.