Simple tips to keep yourself hydrated while working out

New Delhi: It is very important to keep your body hydrated while working out. Avoid soda based drinks, say no to processed food and drink over two liters of water everyday, say experts.

Fitness experts Manisha Ahlawat from Vivafit and Pankaj Arora of Technogym have shared simple ways on how to keep the body hydrated while working out.

*Keep drinking water: Always carry a water bottle with you, it is safe and hygienic, plus you will get into the habit of drinking water frequently.

*Electrolytes: Avoid colas, instead rely on age basic recipes to hydrate and also replenish vital nutrients. For example bel pathar sharbat, thandai, kokum sharbat, chhaach, lassi and sattu drinks.

* Cut down on tea, coffee and processed foods. All of these are either low on water content or dehydrate the body and are best avoided if you are into fitness.

*Coconut water: Water is a more essential element for human body, Its help you out be hydrated in this peak summer season, but only H2O is not enough for you, so go with coconut water which easily available everywhere and makes you fresh whole day during the working hours.

*Seasonal fruits and vegetables: Seasonal fruits are the life line in summer. Have citric and full of water content fruits like oranges, watermelons, lychees and cucumbers.

*Have dairy product: Have curd, lassi or chhaach these items help to make you cool and hydrated at your work station.

*Avoid alcohol: If you are working out then avoid alcohol as it is extremely dehydrating.