“Simple living and high thinking brings with it peace and harmony”, Mr. Prasad.

From a young boy with dreams to an activist who is followed by thousands, here’s a story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary vision of life.

Mr.Prasad is a social activist and a reformer who has been working for the sake of society for the past 35 years. His journey has certainly not been a one without hurdles, but a determined mind and hope of achieving what he visualized as a child has brought him to a place where he is now been followed by thousands of people.

Mr Prasad and his wife Dr.Kranti started their journey with small program organized by their collage National service scheme which drove them towards doing more such activities. Later they started working on these issues, going to rural areas through there collage, creating awareness about the society and moving them towards a better place to live in, a developed nation later became their passion. On talking to them we got to know a few things that really sound interesting.

The couple has been working as a team for so many years now and has changed thousands of lives in a positive way. From educating the rural people to showing them sources of income, the couple has done tremendous work in all these years. On asking about the bond they share as spouse they said that life has to have a purpose, something common other than house and children that keeps them connected, they say that they are more of colleagues or friends than being spouse. Marriage should not just be physical attraction which fades along the time; it has to be a meaningful journey.

Mr.Prasad and his wife have been developing Organic farming in the villages across the Nation and have also taught people many ways of working and moving forward , ways in which they do not have to spend all their earnings. They started small amount pooling system where the villagers could pool in their money for income generation and also few programs were organized where the villagers could learn how to go forward with organic farming. These few steps with a small village had great impact on their start to an organisation called “vasavya society” which works for the development of the rural areas.
Apart from income generation there were also programs that included water shed development which aimed at conserving water in the village by constructing dams and water sheds.

There were more than 25 water sheds constructed in about 22 villages and each water shed covered around 500 hectors of land, which equals of around 12,500 hectors of land being used for this purpose. Apart from this there were schools built for children and medical facilities given to people through their foundation, and proper health and hygiene related sessions were conducted.

Though initially there were a few problems in getting in touch with the people and coordinating with them, things eventually fell into place and now there are so many villages around India that are benefitting from these programs organized by them. On asking about the ideology of life Mr. Prasad said that there has to be a purpose in living and giving back to the society or being able to help people in any possible way, defines happiness to him.

He says man is a guest in the vast world and he has no right to destroy anything in it, the only motive should be to develop and make this world a better place for the generations to come.

The advancements in the world were for the man to be happy and money was made to make his life easy but both the things have failed as money only gets stress along with it and the technology though brought you close to the world ,has sent you away from your family and friends.

People should make money but not at the cost of their happiness. A balanced life both personally and on the professional front should be maintained. Sense of fulfillment and completeness is what matters at the end of the day says me Prasad.