SIM-Free Global Data Roaming Service unveiled in OxygenOS Open Beta 7 for OnePlus 6

OnePlus has just announced the launch of the latest version of its Open Beta build, Open Beta 7 for OnePlus 6 users. OnePlus revealed that it is rolling out two new features, Video Enhancer feature and OnePlus Roaming. The latest version of OxygenOS Open Beta has been released exclusively for OnePlus 6.

Video Enhancer is a new display colour mode that can be found in the Display options in the Settings. The company has tuned the display colours to offer “a better experience while watching videos”.

OnePlus Roaming allows you to browse the web while travelling in a foreign country without requiring a local SIM card. The new service will work in most countries and regions around the world.

The company in its forum post said the new service works like a virtual SIM, although it is limited to data access and does not allow users to access services SIM or make voice calls using a traditional network. “OnePlus Roaming allows you to surf the Internet without a local SIM card.”

You can find the OnePlus Roaming service after installing OxygenOS Open Beta 7 on your OnePlus 6 by going to Settings > Wi-Fi and Internet. The service will list all the data plans available in any given country along with the option to purchase the plan for Internet access and once you have purchased a package from the list, you can choose the package purchased from the ordered list and activate it.

It is expected that the OnePlus Roaming service will reach other OnePlus models at least, OnePlus 6T in the near future.