Silence of Muslim bodies on missile attack on Makkah Mukarrama unfortunate

Hyderabad: Anxiety prevails among Muslims of Telangana over ballistic missile launch by Yemen’s Houthi militias toward Makkah. Muslims slammed the attack in the strongest terms which targeted innocent people and term it as it is reprehensible and ignoble for terrorists to target a Holy Land, where millions of Muslims from around the globe gather for pilgrimage. General public has also lamented upon the silence of religious leaders and parties over this reprehensible act. Meetings are held in the country on daily basis by Muslim parties and organisations in the name of protection of Shariah but surprisingly non one raised voice against attack on Makkah Mukarrama. General Muslims feel that Indian Muslims should also raise voice against the miscreancy of Houthi militias as it is obligatory for every Muslim to respect signs of Islam and those who cast evil eye on them are liable to terrible punishment.

Imam of Kaba Sheikh Abdurrahman Al-Sudais also condemned the act saying that targeting of Makkah region by a ballistic missile by Iranian-backed Houthis is a provocation and an offense which has hurt the feelings of one-and-a-half billion Muslims across the world.

The heinous crime has drawn global condemnation. Indian Muslims have always proved to be more sensitive to such issues compared to the Muslims of other countries. But surprisingly when Houthi militias tried to target Holy Land Muslims parties and organisations avoid denouncing the act. Muslims of India should also express solidarity for protection of Holy Kaba and pass resolutions condemning the act in their meetings.

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