Silence of Civil Society on “mob lynching” deplorable: Harsh Mander, Shabnam Hashmi

Hyderabad: In the wake of increasing mob lynching and atrocities meted out to Muslim women, a seminar was held in Hyderabad.

Addressing the seminar, noted social activist, Mr. Hash Mander, IAS (Rtd) lamented on the silence of civil society which is discouraging the morale of the people.

He further told that for the past four years, a situation has been created in which the Muslims are forced to lead a life in an atmosphere of fear and terror. Quoting the assassinations of Afrazul and Pehlu Khan, Mr. Mander told that it is very tragic that this was videographed by a minor boy. He told that hatred has been spread so much that while taking the videograph, the hands of the minor boy did not shiver.

Mentioning the murder of Hafiz Junaid in Ballabhgarh train, Mr. Mander told that people kept quiet while Hafiz Junaid stained in blood was battling for life. In Hapur District of UP, an elderly person was beaten up and there were more plasters than bones on his body.

He further told that the spread of venom started since 2002. The communal riots of Gujarat are responsible for creating rifts between the persons who were living like brothers for ages. The venom which started in 2002, got strengthened in 2014 and it took a larger area into its fold.

He informed that he and other social activists are making an attempt to nullify the effect of hatred but he lamented that his efforts are proving futile. He expressed the danger that if fascist forces come to power, they will start spreading venom for them. He suggested that in order to eradicate the evil effects of this venom, the civil society should counter it in an organized manner.

Mr. Mander pointed out that recently, atrocities were meted out to Dalit society and they have exposed it vehemently. The Muslims should also do the same thing within the framework of constitution. He quoted an example that violence cannot be fought with violence. In such a case, victim no longer remains victim.

Ms. Shabnam Hashmi highlighted the atrocities which were meted out to the Muslim women. She criticized that the Sangh Parivar activists are raising their voice under the pretext of helping Muslim women but they have utterly failed to get justice for their own community women.

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