Sikhs welcome India’s decision to release Sikh prisoners

London/Bedford: Sikh organisations across the world welcomed India’s decision to release nine Sikh prisoners from various jails in the country on the occasion of 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev.

UK Seva Trust Chairman and Councillor K S Sekhon welcomed the decision and said, “I would like to thank honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Cabinet for fulfilling their promise”.

He added, “I was a part of the Sikh delegation involving the Sikh Council, Niskam Sewsk Jatha, UK’s leading Gurdwara Reps, Councillors, Community, Charity, Voluntary Group representatives and Business Leaders. When we all met with PM Modi in 2015 during his London visit, this issue was raised along with other issues including removing the Sikh Black List, releasing Sikh prisoners who have already served their sentences.”

Sekhon said that the prime minister had assured the group that he will look into all these demands raised in full depth and he listened to all the concerns raised in that meeting very carefully and he took a serious interest in all the issues raised and discussed.

“I would also like to thank the Indian High Commission London for their positive role and organising that highly significant meeting. It was the first time ever that any Indian PM met with the Sikh delegation on British soil to discuss such issues after the trouble days of Punjab started”, said Sekhon.

Various radio stations and TV channels in Canada and the UK are engaged in discussions on the issue. Sukhi Chahal, Chairman of Punjab Foundations participated in a debate on Vanchover’s radio station which was hosted by Dr Jasbir Singh Romana.

He said, “Majority of the callers who participated in this live radio program welcome the release of prisoners and supported the peace talk dialogue of the Sikh organisations with the government in the near future”.

The Sikh diaspora also welcomed special flights from the UK to Punjab on the occasion of 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev, the first Sikh Guru.

In a message they said, “Sikhs are a peace-loving community and we would like to see India as a stable, prosper nation and a strong global player that respects all faiths and religions.

“I am confident these positive steps will help to establish and sustain a long term peace and progression in Punjab,” said Kanwal Singh Sekhon.