Sikhs request to rename Idgah Hills as ‘Guru Nanak Tekri’ in MP

Bhopal: Representatives of the Sikh community met State Assembly Protem Speaker Rameshwar Sharma on Wednesday and submitted a memorandum requesting to rename Idgah Hills (in Bhopal) as ‘Guru Nanak Tekri’.

“The idgah will remain in its place, even prayers will be offered. But the place should be known as Guru Nanak Tekri. People of society have backed us,” said Rameshwar Sharma, Madhya Pradesh Assembly Protem Speaker.

“I will request everyone to call it ‘Guru Nanak Tekri’. I will submit this memorandum to Chief Minister,” he added.

A representative of the Sikh community told ANI that the particular place is known by the name’ Idgah’ but Rameshwar Sharma has also asserted that it should be renamed as Guru Nanak Tekri.

“It is a very big thing for the Sikh community that he (Sharma) himself is interfering in this matter. We thank him and the entire Sikh community is with him,” he added.