Sikh man saves girl with his turban in Canada

Toronto: Sikh farmer, Avtar Hothi, 65, in Canada has became a hero for saving a teen girl from the North Thompson River with the help of his turban. Avtar Hothi and his son Paul Hothi were working at their farm on Saturday in Heffley Creek, just north of Kamloops when they heard the girl crying for help. They rushed to the spot and pulled the girl out of the water.

Paul said ” The woman was in a state of shock and was freezing. We urged her to try to get closer to the grassy riverbank, but with nothing nearby for her to grab, we feared one of us would have to risk a jump into the water. My father pulled off his turban which was a nearly three-metre length of cloth. We used the turban as a rope and the woman was able to clutch one end when it was tossed to her, and she was quickly pulled from the water.”