Sidhu wants to become Punjab CM: Manjit Singh GK

New Delhi: Disapproving the “erratic” behaviour of Punjab cabinet minister Navjot Singh Sidhu, Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) chief and Akali Dal leader Manjit Singh GK on Sunday accused the cricketer-turned-politician of being ambitious to become the chief minister of Punjab.

Manjit Singh, without mincing words, said Sidhu behaves ‘erratically’ and such attitude does not behove of a responsible politician. The Akali Dal leader also accused Sidhu of having least interest in national security when he talks of Pakistan.

Elaborating further on Sidhu’s dual personality, the DSGMC chief pointed out: “Sometimes he heaps praises on Narendra Modi beyond description and at other times he vehemently targets him. He even uses derogatory language which should not be used in political discourse.” Citing another instance, he said that Sidhu who once criticised Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, is now touching her feet. “Can never understand Navjot Sidhu; he used to call Sonia Ji Italian mummy and now he is touching her feet,” he said.

Congress leader BK Hariprasad, however, supported Sidhu’s remark against Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that there is nothing wrong in his remark. “People elected Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister, but he (Modi) was not satisfied and so he called himself Pradhan Sewak. He was still not comfortable and ultimately he decided to call himself Chaukidar. Now all kind of theft is happening right under the nose of the Chowkidar. Therefore, what Sidhu said was absolutely right,” said BK Hariprasad.

Sidhu while campaigning in Rajasthan used derogatory language against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday saying “chowkidar ka kutta bhi chor se mila hua hai (even the guard’s dog is hand in glove with the thief in looting the nation)”.